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psychedelic integration

Psychedelic journeys often lead to useful insights, profound new awareness, or even mystical experiences – all of which can play important roles in mind-body healing.

Integration coaching helps you make the most of these transformative experiences as you move through your life journey.

If you are looking for deeper or more frequent support, I provide personalized coaching for psychedelic integration and personal transformation, in person or via Zoom.

Why psychedelic medicine?

Psychedelic mystical-type experiences often rank in the top 5 most personally meaningful events in one’s life. (1) For some, it is the most important experience of their life.

Psychedelics aren’t for everyone. Not everyone experiences life-changing awareness, knowledge, or changes in consciousness. But many do, and the results can be incredible. 

Psychedelic journey work can bring major improvements or even breakthroughs in persistent mood disorders, chronic pain, and other mind-body afflictions.

Profound or mystical experiences may take some time to unravel. These experiences may show you a pathway to healthier living, but still require you to do the often hard work of integration and making lifestyle changes. It’s often said that the medicines can open important doors – but you still have to walk through them.

Psychedelic Integration Coaching guides you through the growth process in a structured and productive way.

(1) Source: Roland Griffiths, et al; Journal of Psychopharmacology 2008

Potential beneficial outcomes of psychedelic journey work…

While the details of psychedelic experiences are unique to each individual, there are some common beneficial outcomes that could arise:

  1. New vision for your life – a more free, full, authentic version of yourself
  2. Living with love and gratitude in the driver’s seat of your life
  3. Release of old wounds, burdens, and negative emotions that no longer serve
  4. More creative focus on what really matters to your life’s purpose
  5. More presence and patience, less chaos and anxiety
  6. Insight – into specific truths relevant to our life and journey
  7. Confidence – due to being unstuck from self-sabotage and procrastination
  8. Clarity – about how to create a joyful future – what to do next and how to get there
  9. Healthy body – helps us align to more holistic physical health – alerting us to health changes or areas that need attention
  10. Social connection – a reassurance of our place in the greater whole, helps us rediscover our connection to community
  11. Self-connection – including bringing home traumatized parts of ourselves, aligning to our personal truth
  12. Sense of devotion – finding a deeper, meaningful connection to divinity, spirituality, or other transpersonal awareness

How I can support you…

Working with me…

If you are seeking transformation through the use of psychedelics for healing or exploration of consciousness, I can help you get the most from your investment of time and money into your journey work.

  • Preparation before your experience — what to expect and how to get ready
  • Help with identifying and setting intentions
  • Support for integration of important experiences following  your journey(s)
  • Setting goals and actions that align with your desired path
  • Simple and effective integration techniques for use at home or anywhere
  • Guidance on daily rituals to promote long-term healing and growth

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About your coach…

I have more than 15 years of experience with psychedelic medicine work — as a journeyer, guide, and space holder. I have substantial experience supporting individuals who have journeyed with plant medicines.

I am a certified Psychedelic Practitioner (Synthesis Institute), a Psychedelic Integration Coach (Being True to You), and yoga / breathwork / meditation practitioner. 

I work with sincere individuals who seek to transform their lives, guided in part by wisdom or awareness discovered through psychedelic journey work. I work with open-hearted mindfulness and from a place of non-judgmental compassion.

I can also support you if you plan to do journey work on your own — by helping you prepare before-hand and to help you integrate your experiences afterward.

Please note: I do not provide ‘guide’ or ‘sitter’ services for journey work outside of the ketamine therapy work provided at our Pala Medicine office.


  • Pala Medicine provides legal, physician-administered, ketamine-based therapies only.
  • Pala Medicine does not provide, prescribe, work with, or make recommendations about any other psychedelic medicines or substances.