The science and art of psychedelic medicine

about us

Pala Medicine is led by co-founders Dr. Suraiya Simi Rahman, MD and Rob Matthews. 

We are caring and experienced professionals combining the most effective aspects of clinical and traditional approaches to healing.

Our mission is to provide safe and effective ketamine journeys that support healing and personal transformation.

Dr. Suraiya Rahman, MD

Dr. Suraiya ‘Simi’ Rahman, MD is co-founder and Medical Director at Pala Medicine. 

Dr. Suraiya provides medical screening, direct patient care, and legal modalities of psychedelic therapy in the areas of mental health, healthcare worker burnout, and related areas of coaching.

Suraiya is a board-certified physician and trained ketamine provider with 15+ years of experience using ketamine regularly and safely in a clinical context.

Her mission is to provide adults with equitable access to safe, legal, and effective psychedelic-based treatment options.

  • Trained in adult ketamine-assisted therapy by PRATI Group (Fort Collins, Colorado)
  • Board-certified physician (pediatrics)
  • Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at USC / Keck School of Medicine
  • Professional Development Coach for medical students at Keck School of Medicine

Rob Matthews

Rob Matthews is a psychedelic integration coach and co-founder of Pala Medicine. 

Rob brings an open-hearted, grounded energy to his work preparing clients for psychedelic journey work and supporting them afterward to integrate potentially life-changing experiences.

His approach is informed by hundreds of personal and group psychedelic journeys, blending several traditions and tools, including: intentionality, breathwork, somatic sensing, meditation, and multiple types of yoga practice.

Rob’s goal is to provide each client with the tools to make lasting changes through healthy choices made every day.

  • 20+ Years Experience with Psychedelic Medicine
  • Certified Psychedelic Practitioner
    (Synthesis Institute)
  • Psychedelic Integration Coach
    (Being True to You)
  • Breathwork, Meditation, and Yoga Instructor