Safe and effective ketamine journeys for personal transformation

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Our next group is coming up soon! 

Join us in late November and early December for a series of 3 Ketamine Healing Journeys in a Supportive Group Setting.

Starts November 17th…


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Treat yourself to some well-deserved wellness before the holidays.

 Wellness is the Purpose

This transformative experience offers a unique opportunity for self-discovery, healing, and personal growth, hosted at Pala Medicine in Pasadena. Our skilled team of facilitators has meticulously crafted a comprehensive program to ensure a safe and supportive environment for your ketamine healing journeys. Each group is limited to just 8 people.

  • Experience the power of psychedelic healing with ketamine from skilled practitioners in a medically-supervised setting.
  • Address personal burnout, feeling overwhelmed or stuck, and addressing depression, anxiety, and trauma.
  • Reboot with a nervous system reset in a relational space – reconnect with yourself while healing in community.
  • Learn to take maximum advantage of neuroplasticity in the “window of opportunity” after each psychedelic journey.
  • Safe and effective psychedelic journeys are conducted in a small group.


Carefully Curated Program

3 Ketamine Journey Sessions (on Saturdays)

Most ketamine group programs work only with sublingual ketamine, which is generally less psychedelic than an intramuscular (IM) administration. Our retreat is physician-supervised, allowing you to go deep into the psychedelic space for maximum impact.

  • 1st Session, Saturday, November 18th – sublingual psychedelic dose to get started
  • 2nd Session, Saturday, December 2nd – intramuscular dose, going deeper
  • 3rd Session, Saturday, December 9th – intramuscular dose, higher dose for a profound journey experience
  • The third journey is tailored to your unique experience and physiology (with an option to return to sublingual and/or modify dose as needed)
  • Each day is 10 am to 3 pm. Be flexible as we may go overtime to 4 pm. You will need to have a ride home for safety.


Additional Preparation and Support
  • Initial Group Meeting, Friday, November 17th – we’ll get to know one another, prepare for our first journey, and cover intention-setting
  • 3 Integration Calls during the week following each journey (over Zoom)
  • Medical pre-screening session included

 What’s Included?

Learn tools and practices to help you capture and maintain maximum benefits during the ‘window of opportunity’ when your neuroplasticity remains high (over the 36-72 hours following each journey).

Several effective and beautiful healing approaches are shared to complement your journey experiences.

  • Live Sound Bath and Mindfulness Meditation
  • Deep Sharing Circle before and after each ketamine journey
  • Somatic Experiencing practices to deepen connection with yourself
  • Drumming, Movement, and Sounds promoting somatic release and movement syncing
  • Engaging discussions on psychedelics, ketamine, and mental health (with Q&A)
  • Short nervous system safety exercises
  • Careful attention to Set and Setting
  • Light snacks provided
Connect with like-minded individuals on a shared path of healing. This retreat is designed for those seeking profound healing, personal growth, and a rejuvenated spirit. Secure your spot for 3 group ketamine journeys and a wealth of tools and techniques to support you healing journey.

Cost: $1,600 includes all three session days and medical pre-screening.  🌿 #KetamineRetreat

For more information, email: [email protected]

Only 8 spots available.
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This treatment has been life-changing for me. I can’t emphasize enough the professionalism, wisdom and heart that Suraiya and team bring to their practice. It has made a huge difference in my life and my relationships.”

“They have created a beautiful space that is healing. Thank you Pala Medicine for being so wonderful!”

“They are passionate about their clients’ healing and it’s clear that they truly care.”

“I have recommended Pala Medicine to several of my closest friends and family, and would 100% recommend them as the provider of choice for anyone seeking ketamine therapy.”





expert Facilitators

Dr. Suraiya Rahman, MD

Dr. Rahman is a Physician and Owner of Pala Medicine in Pasadena, CA. She provides ketamine therapy for adults seeking to transform from mental health disorders including acute suicidality, treatment resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, and OCD. She provides keen attention to the importance of Mindset and Setting. She offers her practical and personal experience with mind-body practices (yoga, breathwork) and contemplative practices (meditation, journaling) for the integration of psychedelic journeys.

Paul Antico

Paul has been working in Psychedelic Integration & Support with individuals and groups since 2018. He is certified in Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry, has a Certificate of Mastery in Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP) from the Psychedelic Somatic Institute, and is also an Intern Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner. Paul brings a wealth of experience working with the psychedelic community and is the Managing Director of the nonprofit PsychedeLiA Integration, serving the greater Los Angeles area.

Dr. Jeffrey Jessum, PhD

Dr. Jessum has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and has been practicing the art and science of psychotherapy since the early 1990s.  He utilizes an integral approach which pulls from a wide variety of psychological frameworks and interventions to address the specific needs of each client. Dr. Jessum has extensive experience working with clients who utilize psychedelics as part of their personal development. He assists clients in the preparation for journeys and offers techniques to help them navigate through journeys with as much openness and consciousness as possible.