Safe and effective ketamine journeys for personal transformation

psychotherapy (KAP)

The unique experience that ketamine facilitates with its biological, experiential, and psychological impacts can be used to optimize psychotherapy. This widely-studied approach is known as Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy or KAP.

KAP refers to ketamine treatments supported with psychotherapy, typically in between ketamine sessions. Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy requires special training, and must be done by a licensed psychotherapist in conjunction with a licensed physician.

Many patients choose to stay with a therapist of their choosing, and we encourage that! We work to facilitate that relationship with open communication and with the intention to serve our patients. Our spaces are designed to allow for a therapist to comfortably accompany their client during or after a ketamine journey in the same room. 

We are KAP-positive and in addition to accommodating our patients’ needs, realize that reliable evidence-based clinical information on this innovative therapeutic intervention is valuable to our community of therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists. We are here to help answer questions, and share knowledge and experience.

If you are looking for a KAP-trained therapist, we can provide those resources too. Studies show that Ketamine therapy alongside psychotherapy with a KAP-trained therapist, intensively over a course of 4-6 weeks, along with lifestyle changes and Integration activities, especially in patients with a severe symptom burden (higher rates of depression, suicidality, history of psychiatric hospitalization, and higher ACE (Trauma) Score showed statistically significant improvements as measured by anxiety scores, well-being scores, depression, PTSD, drug and alcohol use scores.

Results from studies of Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD), showed that after a single session of IV treatment investigators noted remission of TRD and a reduction in suicidality.

We provide ketamine both in lower-dose sublingual administration for a trance-like experience that promotes interaction during a session as well as the deeper, transformational intramuscular (IM) experience. Both methods include preparation before each journey and guidance/support for integration afterward.

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